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Jun 12, 2018

Product Update: User permission and Bulk excel download of candidates profile

AnyTalent, a human resource technology company and part of the AnyMind Group, has today released several updates in their product including user permission,bulk excel download of candidates profile and Thai resume analytics.


A lot of clients requested the “User Permission” functionality and AnyTalent finally implemented.

“User Permission” is a functionality that Admin members can grant the access of each function on AnyTalent to colleagues or deprive them of the access. (e.g. permission to see expected salary and interview progress) This process will make the work process secured in a recruiting team.

Product Update Detail

1. User Permission

An admin member can change the status of other members. You can see the available statuses below.

  • – Site admin: Full Access to all jobs and functions
  • – Job admin: Full Access to the functions on specific jobs (not granted to view salary information)
  • – Job admin: Private : Full Access to the functions on specific jobs (granted to view salary information)
  • – Interviewers: Only Access to candidates’ pages on specific jobs for interview purpose

2. Export Multiple Candidates Profile into an Excel sheet

Multiple candidates profiles can be downloaded into the excel file with just select and click. On that excel data, their resume URL, scores, and brief information are listed.

3. Analyze the Resumes in the Thai language

Thai resumes can be detected in our scoring algorithm, and we can analyze their skill potential with the score. Previously, only English resumes could be scored.


To find out more about the new features and test out the AnyTalent platform, click here.

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