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All your employee data, streamlined through a single, secure operating system for HR professionalsl

Easy Data Management and Insights

With AnyTalent, employee information is managed efficiently and securely. You can import and export your employee data, or add individual employees. Custom permission levels also mean employees see relevant information whilst limiting access to sensitive data.

You can also automatically generate and plot out your organization chart, ensuring information is always kept updated. Gain access to macro-level employee data reports to identify gaps in the organization, or zoom in on a single employee for a micro-level focus.

Streamlined Information at Your Fingertips

Employee information often resides in too many places, and keeping data updated and accurate can be a hassle – we feel that this is something that HR should not be spending too much time on.

AnyTalent enables you to easily streamline your employee data. Apart from entering and updating employee records, this data is synced throughout the AnyTalent software, providing you with accurate and easily understandable insights on a macro- and micro-level, whilst driving increased efficiency across HR activities.