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Dynamic time tracking and management anywhere in the world

A Single Source
of Truth

Efficiently manage employee attendance, requested time-off, holidays, overtime and more. You can also gain key insights into organization, department, country or individual-level data, empowering you to easily identify trends or initiatives.

This data is automatically fed into the rest of the AnyTalent system, including payroll and more, ensuring that manual tracking of attendance is no longer needed.

For Both Physical and Remote Working teams

There are a multitude of ways for employees to input their attendance. From QR codes, 3rd-party biometric and facial recognition scanners, to GPS-based input through mobile devices for remote teams, AnyTalent provides you with a multitude of ways to ensure employees have maximum flexibility.

AnyTalent also enables online time-off requests and approvals, where employees can view, track and manage their applications and requests, and HR can have an overview of employee attendance across the entire organization, through a single dashboard