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Oct 31, 2019

Client interview: Kuraray Thailand – Driving efficient and effective employee management through AnyTalent People

AnyTalent, a human resource technology business and part of AnyMind Group, provides employers and human resource professionals with a suite of HR solutions to drive greater efficiency and effectiveness in human resource activities. AnyTalent Screening features candidate screening and an applicant tracking system (ATS), empowering HR and recruitment professionals to drive efficiency in hiring. AnyTalent People empowers HR professionals to drive greater efficiency and effectiveness in employee management.
This time, Kuraray Thailand shared with us the impact AnyTalent People has on the human resource function and the business.

What issues were you facing before implementing AnyTalent People?

Our previous employee attendance management set up was not effective in accurately tracking attendance and there was no data available to us for employees being late or on-time. In addition, leave and employee data have so far been managed manually, and between the manager and the person. It was not possible from the company’s end to manage this.

Why did you introduce AnyTalent People?

There were enough features on the AnyTalent People platform to solve the above mentioned problems, and it was easy-to-use. Additionally, the pricing system is based on the number of employees without any additional or initial costs, so we were able to make the decision to introduce it immediately.

What effects and changes did you actually have?

Our employees are coming on time! Jokes aside, now that we’re aware of when an employee turns up for work, we’ve been able to manage our team more effectively. Also, by having an online- and cloud-based employee management platform, leave applications are also easily accessible, reducing the burden of managing these manually.

What would you like to see from AnyTalent People in the future?

It would be great if we can have automatic leave calculation based on the date an employee joins the company, and other smaller functions such as being able to cancel leave even after it has been approved.

What would you say are AnyTalent People’s standout points?

This has been a great return on investment for us, allowing us to drive greater efficiency and effectiveness in our HR efforts. AnyTalent People is really easy-to-use and has a clean user interface and experience. Also, AnyTalent People is easily accessible from anywhere, and our feedback is swiftly addressed and reflected on the product.

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