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Jun 12, 2020

Overtime feature added to AnyTalent People

As always, we look to make the lives of HR professionals that much easier. That is why we’ve released a new overtime feature that is synced with all the other features available on AnyTalent People. 


The new overtime feature enables admin users to set up different overtime rates for weekday, weekend and public holiday overtime, and allows rates to be customized across locations and offices, ensuring as much flexibility as possible for human resource professionals. 

Employees can now also request for overtime by entering details including type of overtime, date, time, approvers and the reason for overtime.


Upon approval by assigned approvers, overtime pay is automatically calculated and synchronized with that month’s payroll, along with social security and income tax reports, providing HR with an all-in-one payroll and employee management solution.

Overtime is also synchronized with attendance, leave and shift work functions, ensuring greater accuracy of data for managers and HR to make resource allocation decisions. 

If you would like to have a demo of AnyTalent People, or use the new functions, head on here to find out more.

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