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Aug 21, 2020

Features added to AnyTalent People for increased automation

At AnyTalent, we’re always looking at more ways to make the lives of our customers easier by creating a powerful, yet easy-to-use platform for HR professionals. 

We want to help HR spend time on what matters most – the people – and not be bogged down by manual tasks. That is why our update of the AnyTalent People platform features new functionality to increase the automation of manual and cumbersome tasks for users. 

AnyTalent People now has an automatic checking feature for the platform’s payroll function to ensure that all information has been filled up. Users will no longer have to worry about gaps in information entry, be it through bulk data uploads or manual inputs. Any areas that have missing information will be automatically captured and alerted to users. 

Additionally, users can now generate automated individual and group yearly reports for P.N.D.1. and social security documentation, adding on to existing automated monthly reports. 

With this update, AnyTalent People can also automatically calculate and generate yearly tax reports for all staff. An employee simply has to log in to the AnyTalent People platform to download their tax report and submit it. This cuts out the back and forth that occurs each time during tax season. 

Leveraging on these new features, AnyTalent looks to eliminate the frustration of inefficient activities in a human resource professional’s work, enabling time to be spent on more strategic and impactful activities to drive their organisations forward.

If you would like to have a demo of AnyTalent People, or use the new functions, head on here to find out more.

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