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Nov 15, 2018

Product Update: Resume Parsing has been implemented

AnyTalent, a human resource technology company and part of the AnyMind Group, has today released the “Resume Parsing” function on our product.Once a user uploads resumes on TalebtMind, those resumes are parsed and the basic profile on them will be automatically reflected on the candidate dashboard page.So the users can save the time of manually inputting the candidate profile one by one.

Product Update Detail

Upload Resumes & Parse them

Our AI engine understands the structure of the uploaded resumes,so the basic profile can be automatically detected and reflected onto candidates page once upload the resume.

The user follow the steps below to upload the resume.

1. Go to “Candidates” tab and Choose “+Add Candidates”.

2. Upload the resumes on the “Upload Resumes” tab.

3. Please do not fail to choose the job postion they applied and the source

4. Please wait for a while until the information is reflected.

*Our AI engine can input basic candidates information like onto the profile like 1.Name 2.Email Address 3.Working Experience 4.Academic Background.

*The accuracy of the parsing won’t be perfect as the AI needs the massive data for adapting to the various resume types.


Candidates Skill Tags

On the indivisual candidate page,the user can see the skill tags of candidates after finish parsing.AnyTalent uses them for extracting the resume score.

With this update, the employer can save the time for inputting the resumes on AnyTalent.Also, the employer can know the core skill and experience of candidates by seeing skill tags. So candidate profile detail can be easily accessed.


Please see the detailed procedures on the video below.

To find out more about the new features and test out the AnyTalent platform, click here.

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