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Oct 9, 2018

Product Update: Agency Portal has been implemented

AnyTalent, a human resource technology company and part of the AnyMind Group, has today released the “Agency Portal” function on our product.Users on AnyTalent can create the account for recruiting agencies. That enables them to pass candidates to the employer.

Product Update Detail

Agency Portal

Employers on AnyTalent can give the exclusive account for recruiting agencies to pass candidates.

The employer follow the steps below and create the agency account.

1. Go to “Agencies” tab in the “Setting” tab.

2. Add the agency and recruiter name.

3. Fill the email address and Choose the jobs to assign to the recruiters.

4. To the recruiter’s email address registered, the account invitation will be sent.

5. Once the recruiter set the password on AnyTalent, the recruiter can get access to “Agency Portal”.

6. The recruiter will put the candidate information, and then that information will be reflected on the employer’s account.

* All the information saved on the employer’s account will not be reflected on the recruiter’s account.So employer’s private information will not be revealed and shared with the agencies.



With this update, the employer can distinguish the candidates by agencies.

So eventually the employer can compare the recruiting efficiency/ROI between the agencies on Analytics.

Please see the detailed procedures on the video below.

To find out more about the new features and test out the AnyTalent platform, click here.

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