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Jul 30, 2020

New additions to improve user efficiency on AnyTalent People

New additions to improve user efficiency on AnyTalent People

At AnyTalent, we’re looking to maximize the impact of HR on any organization, be it by providing powerful solutions for HR professionals, or looking at ways to drive greater user efficiency. 


We know that it is very common for user to upload large amounts of data onto AnyTalent, and we’ve made improvements to our import function. Upon importing employee data onto AnyTalent, the system automatically searches for new data points, identifies which data points have errors, and checks that all fields are filled properly.

With this improvement, HR professionals will have a much easier time in checking and cleaning employee data. It also makes it easier for HR professionals to transition from spreadsheet-based employee information storage to AnyTalent People, a secure and streamlined HR software.

Additionally, HR professionals in Thailand can now easily obtain and download automatically-generated monthly social security office reports through PDF and TXT file formats.

With these additions to the AnyTalent People platform, users can now easily transition more traditional information storage and payroll to a faster and easier solution. 

If you would like to have a demo of AnyTalent People, or use the new functions, head on here to find out more.