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May 12, 2020

AnyTalent releases updates on payroll and organization chart features

AnyTalent releases updates on payroll and organization chart features

A recurring theme throughout all our updates has been the release of features or updates that make our user’s lives easier and work more efficiently, allowing HR professionals to create a larger impact on their organizations. 

With this update, we’ve made lives even easier for payroll officers and HR personnel. The update spans social security report, P.N.D.1., and a new organization chart. 


Social security report updates

Users with the appropriate rights can now easily generate monthly social security reports for their entire organization or selected headcount. These social security reports are automatically calculated and filled, and users just need to click a button to download or print the filled social security reports.

[New feature] P.N.D.1.

Users with the appropriate rights can now generate (in PDF or CSV formats) employee tax report on an individual, group or organization-wide level. The P.N.D.1. report is also automatically calculated and filled, based on payroll data. Users just need to download the report and submit to the government tax office in Thailand.

Updated organization chart

Building on the previous automatically generated organization chart, the new version features a new visual format, allowing users to easily find the relevant personnel in their organization. Additionally, charts are available for organization-wide, department-level, office-level or individual employee level.

With the new features, the monthly payroll process becomes much easier for HR professionals, enabling more time to be spent on activities that only humans can do.

If you would like to have a demo of AnyTalent People, or use the new functions, head on here to find out more.