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Mar 13, 2020

AnyTalent launches mobile app and new features to drive efficiency in payroll

AnyTalent launches mobile app and new features to drive efficiency in payroll

At AnyTalent, we’re always big on driving more efficiency for human resource professionals, providing more powerful and useful software for HR to use.

One of the ways we’re doing it is through the launch of the new AnyTalent People mobile app. Available on iOS and Android, the AnyTalent People mobile app provides employees with a secure environment to clock-in and clock-out from their work, manage their leave and time-off, and view payslips.

HR can also securely manage and track time attendance, payroll, and access employee data and resource metrics.

Updates for payroll function in AnyTalent People (Thailand only)

Automated social security office report
After payroll is approved and generated by HR, an automatically populated and formatted social security office report can be downloaded. HR just needs to upload the file into the Thailand social security office portal, instead of manually filling up the report.

Bank GIRO file

Once payroll is approved by HR, automatically populated bank GIRO files can also be securely downloaded on AnyTalent People, and HR just needs to submit the file onto the selected bank portal. Supported banks include Bangkok Bank, SCB and K Bank.With these two updates, HR can now easily cut down man-hours when working on payroll, enabling more time to be spent on more strategic initiatives.

Minor improvement updates

Customizable fixed or variable payout items

Users can now easily customize fixed or variable items for payroll, including commission, incentives, bonus, allowance, and more. This can be done on individual employee and company-wide levels. Additionally, these items will be synced across AnyTalent People’s payroll system, including newly launched modules like bank GIRO file, payslip, social security office report and more.Exclusion button for social security tax

Users can also select whether to include (selected by default) or exclude the computation of social security tax.